About Dare Vinta

Dare Vinta is an amazing company that believes that there is always room for improvement. To do this Dare Vinta continues their research to keep making their cracker even better than before. What makes Vinta’s crackers stand out from other crackers is the fact that other companies primary concern is the flavor and secondary is the ingredients, were as Vinta’s primary is the ingredients and secondary is flavor.

Environmental Benefits for Packaging

Outer box

By using brown card stock for the outer box has many environmental befits. By using die cuts on the box it’s reducing the physical amount of paper being used. Also by using the brown card stock and minimal amounts of ink, when recycled, the paper won’t need to subjected to the same amount of harsh chemicals as the fully inked packages.

Inner bag

The Inner Bag is made from a corn bio plastic which will biodegrade in a few months compared to normal plastics that will take over a lifetime to start to biodegrade. Because of the nature of the plastic it’s doesn’t take oil to produce the plastic the manufacturing and therefore releases fewer toxins and greenhouse gases.

The Design

My goal with the packaging was to make the package stand out amongst the sea of cracker boxes. To do this the package need to simple, flat and clean. This is done by the die cuts, strong typography and lack of color and photography to make the package fit with the unique and delicious crackers on the inside.

My name is Alex Rothenberg. I'm studying Graphic Design at Algonquin College and am currently in my final year. I speciliaze in Print Media, Illustration and Motion Graphics.